Highway man flash game And Find Best Games To Rejoice Yourself

Highway man is an adventure based game developed by Playhub In this game player will attack the traders on the route & will collect money from them.

Highway man

High way man is a game based on thievery from rich greedy traders. In this game, player is playing the role of a robber. He goes on the highway & rob many traders on the way. By using the robbed gold player can keep on upgrading his specifications, armor, and strength to resist the damage done by while attacking the traders.
The game starts with the player named NandoRobeiro. Player can attack the trader by using mouse key. With the gold & jewels collected player can keep on upgrading itself in terms of HP, dmg, Armor, CRIT, STUN. Nando player carries a big wooden hammer with which he kept on striking the trader & collects the gold coins. He also can keep on upgrading himself to various levels. By defeating every trader the player automatically shifts to the next level.

Highway man gameplay

When the player has enough gold he can hire a helper that has his own specific weapons. The first helper to hire is Sir Spearlot. He uses a spear to attack the trader. The next helper to hire is Nibor Hood, who carries a bow & attack the trader with arrows. The last but not the least, the fourth helper that is the most expensive one to hire is Mr. Nile. He uses a magical scepter, by waving it a spell wave emerge & strikes the trader. Each person that has been hired holds a specific power that can be activated initially by giving gold. Nando has Spring of Rage, Sir Spearlot has Vortex of Death, Nibor Hood has Eagle eye & Mr. Nile has Mind Control. All the player can be upgraded to maximum 20 levels. Whomever player’s specific power is activated before attacking the trader, that power will be shared with all of the attackers. The player has to defeat the trader before his life limit ends so that he can achieve victory & in return as much gold as he wants, no resistance will be showed afterwards.This game can be played online on many browse able websites for free as well as can be downloaded on smart phones & PCs. It’s highly addicting & can be played by players of all age, from children to adults & above. In short, it’s a full package of adventure & enjoying various weapons, special powers & defeating the opponent trader.

Introduction Of Command And Control Game

Play Command and control: specs ops online where you will be the commander and you need to control your troops….

icn_heroimage (1)

This game falls in the category of armor games and is developed by Macondos and Horpah. This game is suitable for age group 13 and above. Its rating is 3.49 stars. It is available online on different gaming sites.
The soundtrack of a battlefield begins the game. The game has warzone like graphics and sounds. It allows you to complete8 operations. Several modifications are done during 2014-2015 like the addition of hotkeys, Spanish translation and new operations like Operation: Desert Strike, Northern Watch and New Horizons.
As the name of the game suggests you play the role of a commander and you control your troops. You fight against a notorious criminal organization known as Syndicate who is accumulating all its power to prepare an insurrection.Play all top baby games of 2016 at topbabygames.in.

Command and control: specs ops
The war is won on the basis of a good strategy, active decisions and planned deployment of the units and the weapons. Same is the case here, the chances of your win increase by intelligent deployment of the units and the active call in artillery and airstrikes to defeat the enemy.
Instructions to play this game:
It provides a brief in game tutorial. Use mouse to select and navigate.
Select/Cancel Air Strike/Artillery
ESC – Cancel
Space – Play/Pause
3 levels:
Recruit , Difficult and Veteran to be chosen on the basis of your abilities. The first level being the easy one is guided by instructions as where to deploy and what to choose. The objective of the first level is to prevent enemies from passing the control point. You will earn reinforcement points for every destroyed enemy unit $+10. These points can be spent on deploying your units in free locations. Guard points will decrease -1 when an enemy unit passes the control point. You get 3 options: you can deploy a rifleman for 50$, a grenade for 70$ or a recon for 100$. You also have an option to withdraw the weapons. You can call for airstrikes depending upon the situation. Your skill lies in careful deployment of the weapons. Basically, you deploy the weapons, the recon identifies and informs you about the target and when the enemy comes in your target area you click on the weapon to destroy it.

Play Command and control: specs ops
Upgrades of the game are available and as the levels progress you get more in control of the whole operation.Play the game if you want the feel of “a commander in field.”

Play Infectonator 2 Online At Your Favorite Website.

Play infectonator 2 online where you will be the zombie who wants to spread the deadly infections around the globe as he attempts to kill as many people as he can…

Play infectonator 2

We’re all familiar with the word “zombie”. Its origin dates back to 1819 where a Brazilian poet used it. Zombie is an undead creature that is reincarnated from a human as a result of witchcraft or some virus. There are many movies & games based on this concept. Infectonator is a series of games that is based on the concept of zombies.
Infectonator 2 is a sequel of infectonator games. It is developed by Armor Games. In this game, the player has to infect other people. Starting from small places, to cities, countries, continents & ultimately the whole world. This game is available for iOS & Android users. It can also be played online for free. It is a single player Pokemon game only
One can start the game by entering his name. A tutorial is shown where the player is demonstrated how to play the game. In the game, player would be a zombie who wants to unleash his deadly infection to the population as he wants to kill as many people as he can. For this player needs to select the location and click anywhere in that location to start spreading infection. Different type of zombies can be adjusted by going into the labs tab; the player can upgrade their life span, their speed, infection chances, attack, and damage resistance. Player’s objectives are given in the game. In a specific time allotted, player has to infect a given number of people, kill a few by using grenades, & undermines. The player collects gold in every step of the game & can ultimately upgrade his specifications by using that gold. Player has to infect only one city of every country & other countries will start unlocking after successful completion of that step of the game.

This game is mere for the people who like the zombie concept that feeds on flesh of live humans, infect them & ultimately kill them. Just creating a fantasy in one’s mind, how the world will be if everyone’s dead or reincarnated into some devilish creature that attacks every living being. Although they are physically active but all their senses & mind capabilities are demolished. In short they are a fictitious weapons, mindless entities that can hunt & kill any thing in search of food.So i will suggest you to visit and play subway surfers online at http://k2t2.com/subway-surfers-online-game/.